What are we?

nPeople is the leading partner in project development and research, data and digital analytics consultancy.

Founded in 2014 by a team experienced in different areas of the advertising industry and research, which has transferred to the company its experience in directing and managing projects based on optimal data processing that respond in the most efficient way to the information needs of each business area of a company.

Our approach integrates the most traditional research (qualitative and quantitative) with the most innovative and sophisticated one (big data, digital behaviour/advertising effectiveness/analysis in all its aspects, web, social …).

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Why nPeople?

We work with the main actors of the national and international industry.

Passion for the vanguard in technology and methodology..

We have the most recognized technology partners.

We are a source of innovation and entrepreneurship. We develop and use the right tools and solutions for each case, and if they do not exist we create them.

Your project is the most important and that’s how we take it.

Accompaniment from the beginning of the work process with customers.

We are part of your marketing, content, data, research, digital, or production team: we are used to working with all of them according to objective criteria and making your budget profitable.

We are digital, we know what you are talking about. And you will have the best approach for your needs.

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