To have original and impartial content that allows the company to have greater visibility in the market and to make known the benefits of mobile marketing.


In a first phase, a simple and quick market study was carried out on the valuation of “The mobile as a means par excellence” (for which nPeople’s research specialists were involved). The objective was to analyze different aspects related to the smartphone, such as the ability to reach any type of audience, the brakes to advertising, the formats that work best in the mobile environment, and so on.

Afterwards, based on the results obtained, Sophia Digital developed an infographic that collected the main insights of the research and an article related to the analyses provided by the study (action of Branded Content).


The client had an impartial infographic with unique content and a Branded Content article of approximately 500-600 words, concise and with relevant information to use in all channels, social profiles and media that help to disseminate and viralize these brand assets and thereby contribute to publicize the benefits of mobile marketing.