The media sector, like many others, feeds on a wide and heterogeneous typology of information sources, with data, KPI’s and different variables, even different nomenclatures for identical variables, to which is added a different reporting periodicity depending on the source and origin (internal or external to the company).

With so much typology of reporting and lack of synthesis, it requires a single source that facilitates reading and is so intuitive that no previous knowledge is required for its use.


Development of an integral personalized visualization tool that feeds on all the sources of digital data platforms (or not) that you use. Data is represented graphically in order to avoid overload information and allow faster progress in the reading of established KPIs.

We created a personalized tool of great utility for the development and growth of the organization, in which are only the basic KPI’s and necessary analysis in the decision making based on business objectives (digital audience, social audience, advertising, acquisition, leads, advertising income, sponsorships, etc).


A comprehensive data center which differentiates some business areas with relevant and strictly necessary information for stakeholders in each (or all) areas.

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