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Quantitative | Declarative

Survey solutions to representative sets on any population, including niche targets and real-time results. Use of the best format to obtain answers: CAWI, CATI, CAPI, etc.

Qualitative | Declarative

Focus groups, discussion groups, online communities, in-depth interviews, social research.

Quantitative | Observational

Tracking technology to analyse the traceability of users’ multi-device digital consumption.

Quantitative | Tagging

Census technology for collecting and marking traffic on websites, advertising creatives and others.

Quantitative | Social Analytics

Integration and homogenization of social profile activity.

Data Research

Consumer Insights – Advertising Intelligence – Branded Research – Research and analysis consultancy

An innovative concept of research and data analysis. We adapt research to give a unique and integrated solution using the most traditional methodologies together with the most innovative, to be cost efficient and cover the widest range of objectives in a single project.

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-Consumer Insights | Customer journey studies and analysis, behaviour and navigation in multi-device digital environments, customer segmentation, attribution, conversion rates, keys to success in consumption.

-Advertising Intelligence | Pre and post advertising tests: creative, brand, product, claims, targets, etc. Advertising tracking…

-Branding Research | Positioning and branding studies, brand tracking, product/service test, usability test…

Research and analysis consultancy | Development and support for the creation or improvement of internal systems of evaluation, research and analysis. Evaluation of more suitable tools and methodologies. Strategic advice.


We apply quantitative techniques to obtain declarative results through surveys, combined with qualitative techniques when required, following the method that best suits each project and population studied.

We use methodologies or observational studies of the multi-device navigation behaviour (pc, mobile, tablet …) that provide the opportunity to collect all the navigation of an individual.

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Get to know our work in depth, hand in hand with real projects that have generated innovation, business intelligence and brilliant and reasoned decisions in our clients.

Data Advertising

Pretest –  AdFraud – Brand Safety – Reach & Frequency – Viewability – AdEffectiveness

The first Advertising Intelligence center that will help your company to optimize digital campaigns based on traditional advertising metrics and, objectively, on visibility and attention to the message.

Advertising analysis areas

We carry out a comprehensive measurement of the entire campaign performance cycle, from the pre-launch phase of advertising in order to know the starting point, to the daily monitoring of the advertising impact.

Optimizing in real time advertising supports and formats, to end with a post-campaign evaluation.

Advertising analysis areas

-Pretest | Evaluates in real time if the campaign is aimed at the right target with the right message, creativities, formats or locations.

-Context | All the digital metrics of AdFraud and Brand Safety ordered by support, location or formats among others at your disposal. Modify your investment to make it more profitable!

-Impact |  Analyze the coverage and frequency of your campaign and viewability, as marked by the Spanish Association of Advertisers and IAB Spain, by formats, media, creativities … And all in real time!

-Efficiency | What if we could divide your future clients according to how, where and how much they have been impacted by your campaign? We will obtain results of advertising effectiveness, notoriety, perception, consideration, competitive environment or creative memory among others, so that you know what has been the real return of the campaign.

Case Studies | Get inspired

Get to know our work in depth, hand in hand with real projects that have generated innovation, business intelligence and brilliant and reasoned decisions in our clients.


Data Analytics

Data Strategy – Digital Analytics – Data Center

The multiplicity of interactions makes it necessary to work robustly and without complex data analytics for decision making, digital strategy and activation of products or services.

The use of Data Analytics increases the VALUE of your business by integrating the DATA, analyzing metrics and extracting significant information, in an agile way, from several data sources of a significant volume.

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Digital Analytics

Using analytics tools (web and social), we perform adhoc analysis and continuous tracking of the performance of digital assets, determining how users interact with content, advertising and other elements to optimize and ensure that the digital strategy maximizes the results, reach and visibility of the brand in the digital environment.

Data Center

Platform that integrates all data sources, through the standardization and homogenization of all of them, creating an ecosystem of data for the different business areas of the company and dashboards for the control of information. And all of this can be adapted to the needs of each client.


Multi-device audience measurement system, where the user will report all his consumption (single source), through the most sophisticated technology worldwide and adapted to all internet access devices: pc/desktop, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV.

Case Studies | Get inspired

Get to know our work in depth, hand in hand with real projects that have generated innovation, business intelligence and brilliant and reasoned decisions in our clients.

Data-driven Marketing

Branded Content – Social Media Management – Paid Media Management – Audiences Strategy

In the age of data, digital marketing actions are more effective through the continuous use of data. Some actions, such as content management and strategy, increase their effectiveness if we link them to data: generating more and new audiences, managing social networks, data and its continuous analysis is essential to optimize reach, etc.


Do you want to position yourself in premium content of digital transformation and technology? Do you want to be read by thousands of professionals in the digital industry? is the leading means aimed at digital professionals specializing in content on marketing, ecommerce, business and digital transformation.

You will have different alternatives for sponsorship, content and advertising to ensure the greatest coverage of your interests.

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Branded content

Generation of contents around the digital transformation. We manage positioning projects to attract quality traffic, with a clear focus on branded content narrative.

Content marketing through research: we launch research studies from which insights are generated to transform them into relevant content, helping to lead conversations and have visibility in the market.

Social Media Strategy and Management

Creating a social content strategy with audience acquisition objectives, traffic generation and engagement seems to make more sense if it is done by a DATA specialist, doesn’t it? That’s why at nPeople we work on content management and strategy in any social showcase of your brand: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc., ensuring the achievement of your objectives.

Case Studies | Get inspired

Get to know our work in depth, hand in hand with real projects that have generated innovation, business intelligence and brilliant and reasoned decisions in our clients.


Data Research + Data Advertising + Data Analytics + Data Driven

Exclusive service that integrates all the expertise in Data Research, Data ROI, Data Analytics and Data Driven Marketing through a tailored-made framework to the clients of this service, by projects or globally as a research and analytical partner, either inplant or outplant format. Why invest in costly areas or profiles when we can help you? In addition, with us you will ensure a level of excellence and professionalism from the first minute

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